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UpendUp social vision cause project deals with the notion to invite activists around the globe to showcase their efforts and support them in changing the society. Activists, who without any avarice provide help to the one in need, are acknowledged by us. We are overwhelmed to be a part of this social cause. This is a step towards building a strong network.

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  • Mission

    A society where every individual has easy access to opportunities to follow their passion and where all believe in each other to support for a positive future. Our main goal is towards sustainable development and animal welfare as they are important pillars to support humanity.


    We want to support every person in our society towards a bright future, skilled and experience future by creating network through social cause and possibilities of a better tomorrow. We aim at identifying all the social problem and be a solution provider for it.

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Health and Wellbeing Program

We aim at providing health care for the status of people who can’t get access to better sanitation. We want to create formulas to cure diseases and support people to live healthier way of life in the community so, that at least all have good health.

Development of Knowledge

In our democratic nation the right to education should be accessible for everyone in the society but because of poverty many children lose the opportunity to get education and endup into child labor. We aim to support them by providing education.

Sustainability and Environment

We all are aware of the condition our environment is into, we have taken an initiative to make our nature plastic, pollution and chemical free. Our effort is to create ideas to save natural resources and maintain our ecology to balance the chaos.

Empowering the unprivileged

True support for the society comes when we focus on the poor section of people and help them change their lives in a better way. We want to reach out to every person who lacks basic necessity of life and provide them with resources.

Don Draper - Soon to be infamous D.B. Cooper

Animal Shelter

It is believed that to judge a nation look at how people treat the animals on street. Keeping that in mind we want to do better for the street animals by providing them shelter, care, fostering and nourishment. We will also spread awareness on how to treat these animals in a better way.

Preservation of Food

According to a research in India many people sleep empty stomach and other who have food they don’t respect it and unnecessarily waste it. We want to make people aware of the importance of food sharing with the one in need.

Employment Possibilities

The number of youths in India are educated but are they employed; we believe not all are. That’s why we want to support everyone who are in search of employment opportunities and make them self-independent.

Support for physically disabled

We want to make lives of people easier and most specifically for those who are physically challenged by supporting them by education and employment.